04 March 2011

A Republican that sounds like a Democrat

I am so confused and angry on the whole insurance thing. I am disgusted that you pay all this money for insurance and you still can't get the care you need/want. I would like to know why it is fair for you to have a health care provider for ten years and all the sudden your insurance says you may NOT use that provider anymore.

It is a provider that you have built up a trust with, comfortable with, they know you, you know them. And your insurance decides to make you go elsewhere. Are the elsewhere providers even quality care? Are the elsewhere providers even family friendly. Will the elsewhere providers be willing to work around your schedule as the provider that you have used for TEN years.

Yes, I have a problem with the state of affairs in America! I have stated it before and I shall state it again. I may be one of the only Republicans on the planet that believes the insurance companies MUST be stopped! We need reform, we need help. You know I believe that I SHOULD go where you tell me if you are paying for it, but when I am paying for it and paying an arm and a leg for it, I should be allowed to visit the provider of my choice.

thank you America for allowing insurance companies to rule the world!