20 March 2011

She loves you, yeah yeah yea

I am still thinking about Disney today. Today it is in a different vain. Today I am thinking about the characters. You know there are so many GOOD characters from Disney that hardly anyone thinks about. I am going to tell you my favorite characters and I bet some of you reading this will not know some of them or it has been so long since you have that you forgot they existed.

1. Lady Cluck--One of my all time favorites. I love when she sings "Prince John the phony King of England" and says "Mummy"

2. Flower--What a beautiful character...so sweet....so kind...so wonderful

3. Amelia and Abigail--from the Aristocats...they are stinking hilarious.

4. Maleficent--my all time favorite animated character....thank you Marc Davis for giving her to us...she is breathtaking

5. Queen of Hearts-I think she is beautiful too, and she has GREAT character development and I want her gown

6. Mr Smee--so cute in his too small clothes...so walked all over...I love him