12 March 2011

submissions and rejections and hopefully joy

I sit here completing my submissions to Creating Keepsakes Magazine. It means so much to me to be published. I feel that I could be on my way to something bigger and better in the creative world. I have seen one submission turn in to a fulfillment of a life long dream. I am friends with someone who did it...she made it and is quite successful with her own line of products. So much so that both she and her husband do "her" business full time.

That is a lifelong dream that could remain just that a dream. The goal is small, ONE submission turned into a publication. One artwork snatched up by someone with an eye for talent. It is one tiny step that would mean so much to me. That someone, somewhere values my talent and wishes to recognize the fact that hey Michelle Champion ain't so bad.

However, I understand that there will probably be rejection. I am prepared for that, but I am hanging onto that dream. My best stuff is going out RIGHT now!! Secret stuff I have shared with NO ONE. I have practiced and perfected, and now hopefully it is MY time to shine.

Thanks to those of you that have helped my confidence by telling me that you appreciate the things I have made. Thank you to the friends that have given words of encouragement. Thank you to God for giving me a talent and to myself for not wasting what He has given me.