16 March 2011

That body can't be real

There is NO way that a woman can look like a Barbie, can they?

I remember the days when I was OBSESSED with Barbies. I knew all their names (including the names that I gave them), I could look at the face paint and identify the dolls, and I could look at the clothes and tell you which belonged with what doll. I think I remember every Barbie I ever had. At my peak I had 106 Barbies that I played with and no telling how many in boxes. I still have about 50 in boxes and probably 20 that I had played with as a child.

I guess deep inside I still love them. Even at pushing 40, I still have to go down the Barbie aisle at the toy stores and just look. I still find myself perusing the Barbies on Ebay just for the fun of it. I still long to comb their hair and dress them. I would still love to collect those shoes.

My daughter never really got into them. She tried, but it just never took. She ended up wanting to sell hers for a leap pad when she was small. I did keep her collectible ones, but that is all I could keep for her.

I remember the first one that I got...Super Star Barbie 1977.Superstar Barbie (I still have her shawl)My Favorite Ken doll (I called him Allen) and the Barbie with the greatest eyelashes ...I called her Sue Ellen (yeah after my tv show). Allen broke, he was put together by a rubber band at his waist and it finally popped. I still have Sue Ellen.I had all of these dolls...Loving you in the red hearts was Stephanie, and the first one on the left Peaches and Cream Barbie was Abbie after Abby Ewing. Her name on the box was "Black Barbie". I loved her hair and those earrings. You could wear them long like this or just the studs. I still have her...I called her Crystal. She was a "good" Barbie, meaning when I played she never got into trouble. Abbie was TERRIBLE!!!The last Barbie that I ever bought. Barbie and the Rockers.