24 March 2011

Time for Oil of Olay

I don't even know if I know how to spell Oil of Olay, but I will tell you that I, Michelle Champion....I am aging. And not so gracefully. I see the wrinkle on my cheek, the laugh lines, I feel the creak of the knee, the fact my hearing is NOT so good (ok some of that is MY fault). I am almost 39 (is that right?) and I probably won't live another 39 years, so I have to leave my legacy. What do I want that to be? I would love for it to be 2 great adults (my kids you know?) and a hand in making Kentucky a state that stands for success in Early Childhood....instead of the failure we are now (47 out of 50). I am trying to think of some way to be involved here, and I am open to suggestions. Should it be a public office? Should it be articles to the papers? Should I write a book? Should I continue the fight just in my little world only? So many questions, some that I can't answer.

I am not going to age gracefully...not until I can assist in some way to create a better learning environment. Look to our nearest neighbors, Ohio....they are all OVER early childhood (their centers are OUTSTANDING). Tennessee requires it's teachers to hold a minimum of a CDA. They are getting it. I am not knocking preschools, nope, I am mainly talking about the 2.5 years prior to preschool. They seem to be the ones the most overlooked. Those are the children that seem to be just babysat (or given lots of tv time) and not worked with.

Fellow Kentuckians stand up for the greatest group of people that CANNOT stand up for themselves. The first 5 years of a persons life are the most crucial, the most learning is done in those first 5 years.

MMMM, so basically, I am saying my life was really over when I turned 6! I peaked out at drawing cartoons and playing with Barbies. You know, if I hadn't peaked so early I might be President RIGHT NOW!!!!