04 March 2011

trailer park trash

So as a small child, my family and I lived in a trailer. Yeah it was a tiny, oldish and it was yellowish. It had great shaggy type brown carpet. There was a bedroom in the front (near the street), then it lead out into the living room, then the kitchen (the front door was in the living room next to the kitchen (I don't remember having a kitchen sink, but I am sure that we did) and there was a back door directly opposite). You left the kitchen and made a left and there was a small hall with a bath and it lead to another bedroom. Mom, tell me if I am correct on the layout, but this is how I remember it. My bedroom was the one near the street and mom and dad's was in the back by the bathroom. Melanie and I shared a room.

I hated living here for two reasons Sean (a neighbor near us) and that we had some bugs. I know it's yucky, but it was a used trailer come on. We had roaches! I was so afraid of them. I don't know what they were going to do to me, maybe eat me. I am not sure, but I will tell you. I wore shoes as much as possible. I don't remember sitting on the floor and checked my stuff before I used it. I was just freaked out by them (or any bug for that matter).

There were some good things about the trailer...we had a cotton candy machine. We had a cool storage shed out back. We had a neighborhood pool. Also, this was the neighborhood where I got my first cat. I met my first baby sitter here, and learned to love barbies.

I have more trailer trash stories stay tuned. In the meantime I shall see if there is a picture of our trailer.