19 March 2011

Uncovered Goodies

So I am going through my cassette tapes and I found some jewels that I have not heard in years. you are not really going to care anything about these precious things UNLESS you like Disney. You see, Michelle is OBSESSED with Disney. Especially Classic Disney (those teeny shows stink, IMO). I am very much into the music. Every time I can get to the parks or Downtown Disney the first thing I do it try to find music that I DON'T have.

Much of my older collection is on cassette tapes, just because John and I did not get our first cd player until 2000!!! That is right, and you know really the reason we did was because I found one cheap at Kmart in Little Rock.

Here are some gems that I uncovered:

God Help the Outcasts-The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Talespin (one of my all time favorites) from Talespin the tv show
Fathoms below-the Little Mermaid (I have this as a ringtone)
Step in Time--Mary Poppins
Candle on the Water--Pete's Dragon
Topsy Turvy--Hunchback
Casey Junior-Dumbo
The Tiki Tiki Tiki room---old school version
the Parent Trap--I love Annette
Mr Piano Man--again Annette
Golden Dreams-the original version
Carousel of Progress from the 70's

I shall leave you alone while I finish listening to my Disney music