01 April 2011

april apps revised

I know it is still April 1st, but I have to revise my April app picks. I have discovered in the last 10 hours new apps that have totally blown me away.

1. Branson, MO---we have a time share here so it is really just an informative app that I will only use when planning a trip to Branson. very nice

2. Cozi--my new favorite calendar now that I have a 64 bit computer and google sync will not sync to it. This will sync to my outlook and google AND it is sooooo easy to add events. I actually am glad that the google sync doesn't sync and I had to find a new way to keep my life straight

3. Cruise Cams--Deck cams from ships...I love them!!!

4. AAA discounts---I am always asking "do you take our AAA?" This tells me so I don't have to ask...NICE

5. Elvis Presley Tube---Elvis videos...like a you tube channel for Elvis

6. Pro Baseball 2011---Baseball scores in case you need them

7. Ship Mate (Carnival, Norwegian, Princess and Celebrity I have all 4)....perfection!!! This tells me where the ships are currently, EVERY ship in each lines fleet. It will give me itineraries, shore excursions, and my favorite DECK PLANS! Requires NO internet! the perfect app for a cruise junkie like myself (one that studies various ships just for fun)

8. StL Baseball---highlights and stuff about the cards. So I can make sure they are losing.

9. SPB mobile shell 3d---my favorite interface for my windows phone, now giving it an Android run

10. Beatles Millionaire---Who wants to be a millionaire....Beatles style. LOVE IT!! It plays music clips with every question.