24 April 2011

In the Ring

I don't know the terms, don't pretend to understand what is happening...I just know that on Monday and Friday nights my house becomes a wrestlemania ring. I have a son that not only watches the matches but creates his own during the show. They don't miss an episode. I am telling you it has gotten so bad that even I can recongize a couple of the wrestlers. Not only that I can quote the tag line of a couple of the wrestlers. This is not good!!! I still hate to watch it, but it is slowly imprinting on my brain. Quite like Harry Potter craving "I will not tell lies" into his hand.

This week my son spent his hard earned cash on wrestling figures. And they were used ones...what is this coming too? He sports the shirts, plays with the action figures and the last thing is that poor little spidey. Spidey is about 12 years old (having been Tyler's before he came to Trevor) and he WAS in good shape when he came to live with us in 2007. For a while spidey sat on the bed, unattended, then one day....off the bed he flew...He was being body slammed into the floor by a small boy. The boy was shouting "I pinned you". Life for spidey changed alot. He was soon to be the victim of all the neighborhood boys. They took turns wrestling poor little Spiderman. One day, spidey had to go to the hospital to have his sides sewn up. Since then he has had a foot worked on and a neck. He is doing well as of today. Actually for a couple of days he has been left alone. A John Cena action figure has entered the house and new matches are going down.

I never dreamed my son would be a wrestler, not only that he does bodily harm to defenseless spidermen. One day spidey will get fed up and choke slam (is that a term?) Trevor onto the floor...until then have needle will travel.