25 April 2011

Must have chocolate

Yes, who can really survive without chocolate? I am thinking of this grand chocolate that I had onboard the Norwegian Pearl. This was a chocolate truffle. A powder sugar coated exterior and under that a bitter layer of dark chocolate power and inside--------decadence!!!!!!!! Without a doubt the greatest chocolate I have ever eaten. I ate about 20 on that day as you know cruise ships rarely serve the same food twice so I ate literally as many as I could. I thought I was going to puke, but I didn't...I kept them all down. whew....

There is a close second and unfortunately the person can't make them again. A girl I work with, Jennifer Payne, made a chocolate truffle. It too had a bitter outside and a scrumptious interior. She gave me about 3 that day and I savored each little bite, but alas she has said that she doesn't have the recipe anymore.

Someone out there in chocolate land help me...bring me back a Norwegian Pearl truffle or send me a very good truffle recipe so that I may make my own. Thank you and good night.