15 April 2011

RMS Titanic

It was 99 years ago today that the greatest (for the lack of a better term) maritime disaster in history happened. The Titanic has fascinated me since I was a small child. I could not believe the story at first and then as I got older I began to study about the ship, it's building in Belfast, the people that created, sailed, died and the few that survived. I have read many of the books (the greatest by Walter Lord who survived the disaster) and seen the movies.

Last week (the day before the 99th anniversary of the ship leaving Southhampton) we went to the Titanic museum in Branson. Trevor and I have been wanting to see this for quite some time (he too is Titanic buff, actually he likes all ship wrecks...his favorite is the Andera Doria). The museum was a wonder. They had many artifacts from the wreckage, the construction and had even recreated some aspects of the ship (including the grand staircase). My only complaint was there was no mention of the SS California commanded by Stanley Lord. My best guess is that they did not want to start controversy, or simply that they are trying to rewrite history...not really sure, I just know that THIS should have been presented and was not. Homage was paid to the Cunard Carpathia and it's courageous captain Arthur Rostron. Bravo to them!

Next year marks the 100th anniversary, I would love so much to take the re-creation sailing leaving Southhampton, Cherbourg then going to Queenstown......then on the site where approx 2 miles below the oceans surface lies the worlds most famous wreckage. Then it will take a trip to Nova Scotia to view a burial ground and ending where the Titanic should have stopped New York City. What an awesome trip that would be...what a sad trip that would be....