29 April 2011

The wedding..my take

Catherine stepped into the Bently and simply beamed. She seemed to enjoy all the crowds...holding her bouquet with one hand and waving with the other. She didn't appear to be nervous instead she seemed like normal bride giddy to start her life with her new man. She alighted at Westminster Abbey and turned to view the crowds. She was beaming with excitment but was poised as she entered the nave. The paused as spoke with clergy men and others on the carpet laid for her. Then she began her 4 minute walk down the asile. The whole gushing with happiness. William told her she was beautiful and told her father that he thought they were going to have a small wedding. Then the service began...it was a service conducted by the church of England preachers and the Archbishop of Canterbury. A beautiful service that spoke of Cate and Wilimam's devotion to God. And that they will procreate (bets are probably being placed as to when). They then entered the chapel of Henry VII (my third fave King of England) and signed their documents. Then they left the abbey in the same carriage Diana and Charles and Andrew and Fergie used in their weddings. Both Cate and William looked happy with their lot.

We saw them alight at Buckingham and not again until they entered the balcony. They were happy with the crowd and Cate said "wow" while glimpsing the crowds. They kissed for like 2 seconds...did and then they kissed a second time. The second was better. The family left to go do their duties. Cate seemed reluctant to leave the crowds...they love her so. A wonderful wedding...glad I got up.
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