04 April 2011

Where's my Rosie

When I was a child George Jetson showed me a world with electronic cooking devices, cars that became briefcases, flying cars and a robot that would help clean the house. Robots that clean houses? What a novel idea...Jane Jetson could use her little duster for 5 minutes, push a few buttons on the computer to make supper and then shop for a new frock. Well, Jane Jetson I am angry with you for teasing me with this robot. As a child I dreamed of the day where I would have a grand house in the clouds and my husband would drive a flying car on the freeway. My son would have a pet named Orbity and my daughter would be very hip in the sky high school...but most of all that I would have a maid named Rosie that would assist me in my house cleaning.

Meet George Jetson
His boy Elroy,
Daughter Judy,
Jane his wife.....
do do do do do do do do