30 May 2011

Bon Voyage

I have had in mind a Bon Voyage card for quite some time.  Even sketched how I wanted it to be.  I wanted it to appear as if it was featuring a port hole (to honor my love of cruise ships) and wanted it to be a sailing card.  This was fun, thanks cr84fn!!

To get my look:
blue and kraft card stock: recollections
Pen by Sharpie
all edges are inked with stazon
white card stock is an insert from a photo album
ship was designed by me and painted by me
ocean was painted by me
port hole and mast was painted by me
I used the following paints----
     Cobalt Blue-apple barrel
     White and Burnt Umber by Winsor and Newton
      Light blue--Robin's Egg Blue by craft smart
     Tropical Blue by Apple Barrel

The boat is very easy to make if you choose.  Each piece was drawn and cut out separately to custom the look.  I cut the triangle sail down quite a bit before I got the look that I wanted. 

PS someone please tell me how to fix my photos on blogger?  I rotated it in Microsoft digital image and saved it.  The picture appears correct on my computer, but as soon as it is uploaded it rotates around.  HELP!!!!!

Mojo Monday 193---round

Round pages and cards are very fun.  I have enjoyed making this card.  First of all making the round shape open was a tad difficult for me.  This card is for the traveler or anyone that likes to have fun.  The fun o meter will move to suit your mood.  Hopefully it will stay on ecstatic.

To get the look:
I wish I could remember the company that make the arrow stamp. I have had it for a while. It was one of the first stamps that I acquired and then I did not save the names of companies.

happy o meter stamp-in the $1 bin at Michael's

all patteren paper by K&Co Wild Raspberry

Ink is stazon black

Ribbon is by the Robert Stanley Collection at Hobby Lobby

All flowers by Prima

Brads by Making Memories
 orange card stock (base) by recollections

Mojo Monday 193---Square

This week the Mojo Monday design team gave us TWO layout options. I decided to try both using the same paper for each.  Two looks from one pad of paper.  The first one is the square. My card is just a pick me up card.

Get my look:
Paper by K&Co Wild Raspberry
Flower from a CK kit that I had on hand
yellow flower by Creative Memories Reminisce
white flower by Prima
Blue paper-recollections
Stickers by EK success
orange ribbon from a sheet set
Green ribbon from The Robert Stanley Collection
Letters from my scrap bin

27 May 2011

MDA lock up

On June 7, 2011, I am going to jail to help raise money for MDA.  Please consider donating a little money to this very worthy cause. I am doing this for a small child that I know.  His mom and dad are friends of mine and this little guy is inspiring...He and all the kids the suffer from MDA need OUR help.  Please consider donating something in their honor.  It is a tax deductible donation, and look at the good you will do.  Thank you for your time now go to my webpage and give some money.


26 May 2011

Mojo Monday 192

This was a challenge from MM and myself. I was NOT going to use anything that was NOT in the scrapbin.  Ok, I allowed myself to use punches, inks and ONE slice of ribbon.

Get the look:
Go to your scrapbin and dig out cool stuff. I know the black cardstock is bazzil.  The gold is from a poster board that I bought at Michael's.  The wine paper is from ravenhood manor by recollections.  I have NO idea about the rest.

Ink used Stazon in black
punches used by stampin UP!
stamps by inkadinkadoo dawn houser
ribbon is actually a Nautica ribbon from a shirt
stickles by Tim Holtz distress antique bronze


Happiness is defined as a "mental state of well-being characterized by positive emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy"  I do believe after a long hard week, a busy week, or just an average week that happiness begins with simple things....Paper and scissors.  I have always loved to create things.  As a child I made elaborate settings for Barbies, as a teen I painted every single day of my life, after marriage I worked on the road and my creative genes were used in creating training sheets and stationary to write letters to people.  In 1990, I begin making memory books for myself.  Seeing as I have NEVER had a great memory, and the desire to remember every detail about some things made me create these books.  They are ugly and very much NOT the way you should preserve things, but they are MINE.  I made them.  The memories make me happy and knowing the memories tickles me pink.  In 1997, I discovered Creative Memories and learned how to preserve my memories and mementos the "right" way.  I have made 48 book (large books not mini albums) since 1997, and that number keeps growing.  Why do you care?  You don't but look at the pictures of how far I have come. 

And I cannot get these photos to turn right. I put them in photoshop, in microsoft digital image, in word...NOTHING.  They will NOT turn the way they should, any suggestions???????

22 May 2011

This could only happen to me

So I am a creature of habit...every Saturday morning, I get up and go to the bathroom.  There I brush my teeth and comb my hair and put on my clothes.  After that I walk down the hall (still brushing my teeth) and feed the cat because usually at this point she is begging.  Yesterday however she was not begging and slowly I made my way to the kitchen.  I was finishing up with the brushing of my teeth. I spit in the kitchen sink, tore off a paper towel and placed it on the bar.  I rinsed my toothbrush and placed it on the paper towel.  UH, the kitchen is a mess. I started seeing things that needed to be picked up.  I started with the corner of the bar.  Here there was a jug of Hawaiian punch, 3 tomatoes, a butter dish and a toy snake.  I reach for the toy snake, all the while getting angry with my son for leaving his toys on my kitchen counter and it MOVES!!! I scream LOUDLY because at this point I realize...this is not Trevor's toy snake...there is a snake in my house.  I run down the hall and throw open the bedroom door. John is at this point sitting up in bed because he heard me scream.  I tell him there is a snake in the kitchen and he runs to the kitchen.  At this point, the snake has left the bar and we can't find it.  Callie is in the utility room looking funny and we figure out that he is in there.  He was around Callie's food bowl. 

We thought what to do. I went next door to the game cop's house and he was asleep.  So John decided to trap him in one of Hannah's plastic drawers.  Then I pulled the board out from between Trevor's mattresses and John figured out a way to get the board under the drawer.  In the process he cut part of the snakes tail off and that snake was very angry with him.  Together we picked up the board and the box and placed it into the back of the truck and John got into the truck and I drove to an open field.....there we left that little bugger go.  The End!

the purple has it

I did a second design in the color choices for this week. I am not submitting this one because I think I can only enter one per week. I only made it because I HATE having extra paper lying around, so using the same papers I created a wedding card.  I am thinking of giving it to the bride that will get married in just a few days.  A bride that I work with.  It sort of reminds me of her...romantic, light, moral...yeah that's her.

To get  the look:
all papers are open stock at Hobby Lobby
Stamps are Thank you by Inkadinkadoo
flowers are prima
rhinestones are by bead party
all pens by sharpie
butterflies and trails are drawn by me

ink is eggplant envy by Stampin UP!

Mojo Monday 191 and CR84FN 29

This card was in answer to two website challenges.  I LOVE the color choices this week...love love love them.  Since they are some of my favorite colors, I chose one of my favorite songs to go with the card.  I chose the lyrics to "In my life".  If you are not familiar with the song, by all means please read the lyrics below:

There are places I'll remember
All my life though some have changed
Some forever not for better
Some have gone and some remain
All these places had their moments
With lovers and friends I still can recall
Some are dead and some are living
In my life I've loved them all

But of all these friends and lovers
There is no one compares with you
And these memories lose their meaning
When I think of love as something new
Though I know I'll never lose affection
For people and things that went before
I know I'll often stop and think about them
In my life I love you more

Though I know I'll never lose affection
For people and things that went before
I know I'll often stop and think about them
In my life I love you more
In my life I love you more

And set to music, it is simply astounding.....wow! 
Anyway, back to what we were talking about.  The card....if you want my look here are some of the things you need:

Kraft and purple cardstock from open stock at Hobby Lobby
purple pen by Sharpie
green ink by Close to my Heart clover meadow
brown ink by Stampin UP!  chocolate chip
black ink by Stazon
pattern stripe paper by recollections ravenhood manor

the purple patterned paper was found in my scrap bin...and I found it originally in the scraps of some lady's while at a crop.

Leaf by me---I drew them on paper and cut them out...they are inked with the stazon black and the clover meadow green

flower by me---I hand cut each petal and stamped each petal in eggplant envy by Stampin UP!
then I layered the petals on top of each other in a flower fashion.  The middle of my flower was made by cutting out a swirl and rolling it up the "wrong" way ontop of itself.  

16 May 2011

Bus Safety

So since I was a child and seat belts became recommended for use I have disagreed that the schools should provide belts on the buses.  It may be bad timing, but sometimes bad timing is how you get things done. I championed the seat belt laws in Arkansas.  It is time maybe for me to champion this.  Today's accident was horrible...horrific....and maybe lives/injuries ......well, maybe things would be different right now. 

Dear Government,
You make sure that I buckle my children as well as myself when driving.  Daycare vans, church buses....all must use safety belts, but you allow our sweet children to ride a big yellow thing with NO safety restraints.  I cannot comprehend this. I have had talks with Mike Huckabee about it and he said that the bus companies claimed that the seat were tall enough to prevent injury.  THIS IS A LIE!!!!  A child can be thrown, tossed around, bumped around and jerked about, these seats do nothing to protect the children in a crash. 

I know for a fact that bus driver have issues with children walking around on the bus, that the noise levels are loud on buses...this is distracted driving!!!  You can help them by providing aides and seat belts. 

I know you probably don't care, but there are many families hurting because of today's events...please consider children and families.  Families today that are worried about medical bills and some much worse. 

I think if the belt law works, it should be all or nothing.  Seat Belts or NONE!  which is it to be?  For once KY think of our children.  I know you don't in regards to early childhood, but please do regarding their safety.

I will talk about the lack of shoulders on our KY highways next time. 

Thank you,

a very concerned, angry citizen

15 May 2011

Cuchi cuchi

There was once a TV show that I loved. It came on ABC so it was not a show I could watch often, but when I could I was in love with it. It was called the Love Boat. I know you have heard of it, many have; but have you ever seen an episode? I have been watching all the shows on the TV.com app on my droidX and it is bringing back so many memories. Patrick Duffy, Joyce Bulafant, Kristie Alley (in her Saviak days), Willie Ames, the lovely Morgan Brittany (from Dallas), Barbi Benton, Melissa Sue Anderson (Mary Ingalls) and half pint too (Melissa Gilbert), Cyd Charrisse, as well as Gene Kelly (ah) and Howard Keel, Donna (I love her) Mills, Jack Klugman, and my favorite CHARO!!! This is only a SMALL portion of the celebrities that graced the promenade deck. This is where I fell for ships! A hot tub, pool, cabins, a cruise director....it's a lot like real life ONLY smaller.

If you have never checked out the show, please do. It's campy, 1970's, but loads of fun. There are many story lines in each episode and somehow everything rights itself by the time they dock in Los Angles.



Crazy 4 Challenges: CR4C87

I was THRILLED that I found another challenge website.  This weeks challenge speaks to my very soul...CHOCOLATE!!! What girl does not love CHOCOLATE?  Ok, I admit about 5 years ago, I did not much care for it, but that is when I really got into scrapbooking and a friend turned me onto DARK chocolate, truffles and Java Chip Frappicino..yeah, I am hooked.

I made this card for someone like me that loves chocolate...it is a bit romantic like the feeling you have when you have some good quality chocolate....oh wait, this comes with a piece of good chocolate too...who would NOT be cheered up by this card?

To get the look:

Pink card stock from my scrap bin
ALL pattern paper is Cut and Paste by K&co
Tulle from Amanda's wedding pew bows
flowers by prima and from an arrangement that I took apart
Chocolate by Ghirardelli
paper ribbon by a gift tag that I received from a preschool friend
quote by Lucy Van Pelt


This week I did TWO cards!  I liked the colors so much that immediately I got two different types of ideas in my head. 

The first was a travel theme.  Maybe something you would give to someone before they go on a very long trip.  Maybe a cover for a travel journal (you can always glue the card to a blank journal or insert pages).

I have tried and TRIED to get this one to rotate....tried photoshop and microsoft digital image....boo
To get this look:

Yellow, red, cream and black card stock---open stock in my stash
yellow zig zag-cut at Archiver's from their die cut machine
Swirl stamp-baroque motifs by stampin UP!
snake skin embossed paper--open stock from Hobby Lobby
Circles cut from Disney theme patterned paper, bought at WDW
Black ink-staz on
travel stamps-I bought them at Archiver's I did not save the packaging...if you know what they are please tell me

the next one was inspired by the colors...Red and Yellow...duh FALL!!!

get the look:
Gray and red card stock from my stash
Yellow strip is bazzil card stock
Flower stamps by Technique Tuesday
Swirl stamp-by Stampin UP!
leaves and quote from a children's book from the 70's. I do not have the cover or the title.  I rescued the pages from the recycle bin.
Carlotta paper from Song of the Siren by Philippa Carr

If you are into scrapbooking, this challenge is wonderful.  Each week a new color scheme to "SPARK" your creativity.  If you are not, you can just enjoy what I have made...:P

13 May 2011

Mojo Monday 190

Here is my version of this week's sketch. Actually, before I show it to you, I would like to say this is my first week playing along. I am looking forward to participating with everyone. From what I have seen you are all TREMENDOUSLY talented....I am inspired just by looking at your work. Thank you for sharing it with us.

My recipe:

Cream card stock and Kraft card stock....open stock HObby Lobby

Blue flower paper, and blue splottching paper Magnolia by MME

Font by CK Ali Edwards Handwriting (love her)

bingo chip by Maya Road

Buttons by Making Memories

Flower by Prima

Stamps by Technique Tuesday (love them the most)

Black Stamp ink by stazon

Thread by DMC B5200

Brown ink by Stampin up! (chocolate chip)

Blue edges by my crayola water color pencil

Pink card stock from my scrap bin (did not cut, just inked)

10 May 2011

may apps

1. TweetDeck
2. Team Coco
3. hairspray fans
4. My work clock
5. Animated Widget
6. LinkedIn
7. British Monarchy
8. Droid 2600
9. RiverLite
10. Slice it!!!

09 May 2011

my scrapbook space

This is an area that evolves as I get new things or discover new furniture to fit into my corner. Actually, I have two corners of the kitchen that I occupy. In one corner is my cart. In the cart are my paper scraps, punches, greeting cards and DMC thread. In my working corner I have ALL my paper (and there are lots of sheets here), my inks, embellishments, ribbons, well just everything that I have....
what you can't see...Elvis looms over me on the far left, as does Hedwig, and Skip Shumaker, on the right John Champion's face looks over all my work. He approves, he just doesn't know it.

08 May 2011

My birthday

It is my birthday and I am very excited! I have always loved my birthday because I am the center of attention. It is my favorite day of the year.....seriously. I don't want appliances or cleaning products for my birthday. I want stuff for ME!!!

This year, I made myself a peanut butter pie, actually I made myself TWO!!! I did share with my family...cause I love them so. I went to Kohls and bought myself a dress, but really that is not my gift cause I would have bought it anyway.

I did take my friend an air mattress because I am so worried about her sleeping on the floor. And I did make graduation booklets for CCA (not so easy) and I did mop the floor and wash some clothes and vacuum the living room and clean the kitchen...wait that sounds like work. Why am I doing work on my birthday weekend? Yes I said weekend! I am doing work because I intend to scrapbook for my gift to myself. Wait, I do that every weekend just for sanity so this will be a sanity weekend to celebrate the day that God blessed me with life. Thank you for that, I am having a great time.

Gosh, this sounds self centered...well it is MY day. My day and Melissa Gilbert's day and Harry S Truman's day and I am sure there are others....Happy Birthday to you all!!!

CR84FN challenge May 8, 2011

Here is my take on the challenge this week. These were very good colors....much like the colors I use. They were sort of romantic colors so I thought it would be perfect for an anniversary card. Thanks for challenging me....LOVE IT!!! See you next week.

Get the stuff:
stamps---- cling
stickers----Westrin crafts
ink---staz on
Paper---open stock from Hobby Lobby
brads----the Paper Studio
Rub ons---Making Memories and Autumn Leaves

06 May 2011

Flood 2011

The river ....that today is like an ocean its so big.
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04 May 2011

My take on Osama and the government

Here is the deal Lucille....I think that Republicans need to shut up! Yes, I am a very big Republican, very big!!! But shut your mouth. George Bush did NOT have anything to do with his death! George Bush did NOT put the plans in place. Sarah Palin I love you, but you have jumped onto the LOCO train!!!

Uh, Obama DID make it sound like he had everything to do with it, but he has done better since then when he has discussed it. But he alone did NOT do it all. Just as I said before.

You idiot people need to stand together. I did not vote for Obama, would not vote for him, but he is MY President. It is MY duty to stand behind him. I shall do so as I did for George Bush and Bill Clinton. Those of you grippy pants need to shut up and support those in charge. You don't like it? Get off your butt and next time stand behind someone you believe in or run yourself. And if you didn't vote, then get the heck out of my country. I am tired of you gripping and complaining about people that run or hold an office and then you say "I don't vote". You are a disgrace to the founding fathers....to all those that gave up their lives for the right to vote. Shame on YOU!!

Back to Sarah....Sarah honey, do you see the spiral that you are making? Girlfriend, I have adored you since way before you were a household name, but you are acting a fool. Don't speak until you understand the facts. Support your President, didn't McCain teach you anything? Respect!!!!!

Bill Clinton, I need you to speak up! George Herbert Walker....where are you? James Earl Carter....are you alive? Come on boys....Michelle must have sound bites.

Obama, I don't agree with all you do, but you are my President and I will respect you. And I promise to you, if you come to Paducah, I will climb over an old lady to touch you. Still waiting for my invite to the White House...I guarantee you will have a very fun entertaining dinner guest with me at the table.

Thank you for listening to my ranting and raving!!!

02 May 2011

Hedwig or so I think so

I was looking online for crafts with owls and one of the first things on the google result page was this wonderful little snowy owl. He looked a big like Hedwig and since I was reading the Potter books, I decided YEAH I had to make this.
It was not the easiest thing to put together, and took me a couple of days, but I did it...Enjoyed it and would do it again...and may there is a female version of the snowy owl.