16 May 2011

Bus Safety

So since I was a child and seat belts became recommended for use I have disagreed that the schools should provide belts on the buses.  It may be bad timing, but sometimes bad timing is how you get things done. I championed the seat belt laws in Arkansas.  It is time maybe for me to champion this.  Today's accident was horrible...horrific....and maybe lives/injuries ......well, maybe things would be different right now. 

Dear Government,
You make sure that I buckle my children as well as myself when driving.  Daycare vans, church buses....all must use safety belts, but you allow our sweet children to ride a big yellow thing with NO safety restraints.  I cannot comprehend this. I have had talks with Mike Huckabee about it and he said that the bus companies claimed that the seat were tall enough to prevent injury.  THIS IS A LIE!!!!  A child can be thrown, tossed around, bumped around and jerked about, these seats do nothing to protect the children in a crash. 

I know for a fact that bus driver have issues with children walking around on the bus, that the noise levels are loud on buses...this is distracted driving!!!  You can help them by providing aides and seat belts. 

I know you probably don't care, but there are many families hurting because of today's events...please consider children and families.  Families today that are worried about medical bills and some much worse. 

I think if the belt law works, it should be all or nothing.  Seat Belts or NONE!  which is it to be?  For once KY think of our children.  I know you don't in regards to early childhood, but please do regarding their safety.

I will talk about the lack of shoulders on our KY highways next time. 

Thank you,

a very concerned, angry citizen