15 May 2011

Cuchi cuchi

There was once a TV show that I loved. It came on ABC so it was not a show I could watch often, but when I could I was in love with it. It was called the Love Boat. I know you have heard of it, many have; but have you ever seen an episode? I have been watching all the shows on the TV.com app on my droidX and it is bringing back so many memories. Patrick Duffy, Joyce Bulafant, Kristie Alley (in her Saviak days), Willie Ames, the lovely Morgan Brittany (from Dallas), Barbi Benton, Melissa Sue Anderson (Mary Ingalls) and half pint too (Melissa Gilbert), Cyd Charrisse, as well as Gene Kelly (ah) and Howard Keel, Donna (I love her) Mills, Jack Klugman, and my favorite CHARO!!! This is only a SMALL portion of the celebrities that graced the promenade deck. This is where I fell for ships! A hot tub, pool, cabins, a cruise director....it's a lot like real life ONLY smaller.

If you have never checked out the show, please do. It's campy, 1970's, but loads of fun. There are many story lines in each episode and somehow everything rights itself by the time they dock in Los Angles.