26 May 2011


Happiness is defined as a "mental state of well-being characterized by positive emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy"  I do believe after a long hard week, a busy week, or just an average week that happiness begins with simple things....Paper and scissors.  I have always loved to create things.  As a child I made elaborate settings for Barbies, as a teen I painted every single day of my life, after marriage I worked on the road and my creative genes were used in creating training sheets and stationary to write letters to people.  In 1990, I begin making memory books for myself.  Seeing as I have NEVER had a great memory, and the desire to remember every detail about some things made me create these books.  They are ugly and very much NOT the way you should preserve things, but they are MINE.  I made them.  The memories make me happy and knowing the memories tickles me pink.  In 1997, I discovered Creative Memories and learned how to preserve my memories and mementos the "right" way.  I have made 48 book (large books not mini albums) since 1997, and that number keeps growing.  Why do you care?  You don't but look at the pictures of how far I have come. 

And I cannot get these photos to turn right. I put them in photoshop, in microsoft digital image, in word...NOTHING.  They will NOT turn the way they should, any suggestions???????