08 May 2011

My birthday

It is my birthday and I am very excited! I have always loved my birthday because I am the center of attention. It is my favorite day of the year.....seriously. I don't want appliances or cleaning products for my birthday. I want stuff for ME!!!

This year, I made myself a peanut butter pie, actually I made myself TWO!!! I did share with my family...cause I love them so. I went to Kohls and bought myself a dress, but really that is not my gift cause I would have bought it anyway.

I did take my friend an air mattress because I am so worried about her sleeping on the floor. And I did make graduation booklets for CCA (not so easy) and I did mop the floor and wash some clothes and vacuum the living room and clean the kitchen...wait that sounds like work. Why am I doing work on my birthday weekend? Yes I said weekend! I am doing work because I intend to scrapbook for my gift to myself. Wait, I do that every weekend just for sanity so this will be a sanity weekend to celebrate the day that God blessed me with life. Thank you for that, I am having a great time.

Gosh, this sounds self centered...well it is MY day. My day and Melissa Gilbert's day and Harry S Truman's day and I am sure there are others....Happy Birthday to you all!!!