04 May 2011

My take on Osama and the government

Here is the deal Lucille....I think that Republicans need to shut up! Yes, I am a very big Republican, very big!!! But shut your mouth. George Bush did NOT have anything to do with his death! George Bush did NOT put the plans in place. Sarah Palin I love you, but you have jumped onto the LOCO train!!!

Uh, Obama DID make it sound like he had everything to do with it, but he has done better since then when he has discussed it. But he alone did NOT do it all. Just as I said before.

You idiot people need to stand together. I did not vote for Obama, would not vote for him, but he is MY President. It is MY duty to stand behind him. I shall do so as I did for George Bush and Bill Clinton. Those of you grippy pants need to shut up and support those in charge. You don't like it? Get off your butt and next time stand behind someone you believe in or run yourself. And if you didn't vote, then get the heck out of my country. I am tired of you gripping and complaining about people that run or hold an office and then you say "I don't vote". You are a disgrace to the founding fathers....to all those that gave up their lives for the right to vote. Shame on YOU!!

Back to Sarah....Sarah honey, do you see the spiral that you are making? Girlfriend, I have adored you since way before you were a household name, but you are acting a fool. Don't speak until you understand the facts. Support your President, didn't McCain teach you anything? Respect!!!!!

Bill Clinton, I need you to speak up! George Herbert Walker....where are you? James Earl Carter....are you alive? Come on boys....Michelle must have sound bites.

Obama, I don't agree with all you do, but you are my President and I will respect you. And I promise to you, if you come to Paducah, I will climb over an old lady to touch you. Still waiting for my invite to the White House...I guarantee you will have a very fun entertaining dinner guest with me at the table.

Thank you for listening to my ranting and raving!!!