07 June 2011

The $300 haircut

Dear John Edwards,
I have never liked you or your liberal agenda. I have never thought you were a good candidate for either VP or Pres. I never thought you were "honest" with me. Yeah, I was judging you, but that was my job because I was supposed to choose if I wanted you to be our leader.  Something about you bothered me.  I thought "here is a good looking man but something doesn't add up".  I now see that my instincts were correct in that area.

I am disgusted that you had a wife and 4 children (I am counting Wade here) and an immense amount of money.  You  had many people that looked up to you; your family, your constituents and the American public that supported you.  The people that gave you money and put their faith in you...because you portrayed yourself as a man of the people.  A family man, who stood by his wife through her cancer treatments, her terrible diagnosis and mourning the loss of your son.  You pretended to be a man of the people, one of us only with a bit more money. Ah, this is what I did not buy. You can't pay someone for a $300 haircut and claim that you are for the lower and middle class.  These are people that may make minimum wage, when they get a raise it might buy 2 cases of coke that week....$300 would probably pay their rent and for sure buy them things they could dream of.  $300 that you threw away on a haircut!! REALLY???? A haircut?  Yeah, this was the beginning of your downfall.  All the time you pretended to be like us, you were cheating on your wife, denying a child that you fathered, turning your back on your ill wife, and doing who knows what with your campaign money.  Campaign money that people sent to you in good faith.  You were supposed to help make their life better...you were supposed to be an example, a mentor...what were you???????? A SNAKE!!!!

I never voted for you, never intended to. I did not trust you.. I see that I was correct in my gut feeling.  I am sorry for your wife.  Your wife who seemed to me like she adored you.  She adored the life that you made with her, until you destroyed it.  I do believe that you were her hero, for a time.   Your children, Kate, Emma Claire and Jack.  Three adorable children...two of which will not remember you as being portrayed as that family man in the public eye.  These two little kids will probably remember mom being sad and America being angry.  Kate, who is grown up will have to teach these children how great it once was.

Oh wait, there is another child.  A child who was thrown to the side, was covered up and at one point was "thrown away" because you claimed she did not belong to you.  A child who's entire birth and toddler years is being played out in front of America and played out in a bad light.  A child who is innocent and did not ask to have you as it's father. 

  Marriage is a commitment...in the good the bad, the cancer, everything....Marriage is a two way street.  It takes both partners to make it work.  The same goes with fathers...it takes more than a donor to be a father.  I hope that others (and you too) learn from your mistakes.

Thank you and may God bless all those Edwards kids.  Elizabeth was a wonderful lady.  I did not agree with her politics and the dealing of Wade's backpack, but I think she did what she thought was right for her family.  She was torn down in public and she had to have a horrible disease while America watched her.  Watched as the cancer treatments changed her body as the cancer slowly killed her.  It is she who tried to keep it together, to keep a calm stable life for the kids...while you lied to both your wife and America.

John Edwards, take your $300 haircut and get out of here!  Don't run for public office anymore.   I actually hope all the cheaters will stay out of politics.  America doesn't need all these liars leading us.  America needs an honest Christian person.  One that will believe IN GOD WE TRUST. I know I live in a dream world, it won't happen....why???? Liars and cheaters have all the money, the charisma and the drive.  They will say ANYTHING to get what they want and they usually do.