03 June 2011

So Long Tree

When we first looked at our home, there was a beautiful tree and a huge window that I saw at first glance.  I was excited because I never had a tree like that one.  The tree was perfect, straight up and down and a Christmas tree shape.  It was TALL to boot.  The window was a great big, huge, massive window (do you get it was big?).  The window won't change I hope, but time however has not been good to that tree.  We enjoyed that birds that nested in her branches.  I planted things at her trunk and they all died so there she stood, the lone proud thing in our front yard.  In the winter's snow, she was at her peak of prettiness.  She was like a giant snow covered bell.  A lovely decoration for all to see.  Then the ice storm came!  It killed so many things in it's wake (like my 10 year old giant rosemary plant), but  the tree seemed to be fine.  It was surviving covered with all that ice and snow.  Maybe, just maybe it would be ok.  It was!!! The next year, there she stood tall and proud "I made it through". She was still tall and proud in 2010, or so we thought....sometime around the fall needles began to fall.  Branches began to lose their luster...She was dying! John was hoping it was dorment, but that was not to be, she was DEAD! Everyone began to be scared of her because if she fell, she could take out a house, a car or BOTH. 

our first winter together
2008, so pretty

2009---the ice storm

Yesterday at approx 9 am, the tree guy (who is good if you need a tree dude) began to climb her, on his way up he was cutting off her branches.  Approximately, 4 hours later she was gone.  My front yard is lonely. One of my favorite parts of my house/yard is to be no more.  I shall miss you tree.