15 July 2011

Flower tutorial

I have decided that I am a flower making machine. I have shared some of my flowers with you...but today I discovered (after a couple of attempts) a new better and way prettier flower.  Actually TWO...one is super simple, the other a little harder but not much.

the two types of flowers  

take some felt...I don't measure so I just cut a rough square.  From this square I made the two blue rose.

I drew a swirl on what would be the backside of one of the roses.

This on the outside of the swirl, I drew scallops (these will be your petals)...use a marker that matches so it won't show. I did black for instructional purposes.

Completed swirl with "petals"

Cut out the swirl.   

Start rolling the flower from the outside of the swirl in.

Finished rolling...nice, but you have to secure it.

I just made a couple of stitches with DMC thread (usually I make this match the felt...yellow used for instructional purposes). 

My finished rose...I love it!!!

Back of the flower with the stitch and two more completed roses.
Flower #2:

I cut a very ugly rectangle of felt

folded it over on itself and stitched up the side.

I have a snake looking thing....

I grab the thread and start to gather the rectangle and now it makes a circle.

I moved the inside of the flower through the middle and underneath.  I stitched it in place.

A button found it's way to the center and I have a very simple tiny "who knows" what type of flower it could be.  Very cute on a card or page though.