16 July 2011

Glimmer Inks on a budget---I shall call them Champion Sprays

I have to have some glimmer inks, but I just had a new air conditioner installed so I have NO extra money.  I googled and googled and watched you tube videos to see how to make them.  I found some good ones, but I am changing it a bit to suit MY style.

First I went to Wal-Mart and bought those mini squirt bottles in the travel section.  I bought different colored ones because I indeed to make the glimmer inside match the bottle color.

I filled each bottle 2/3 of the way full with regular lukewater H2O.  I then took  this paint by Folk Art (Metallic Pearl White).  I squirted a bit in the bottle and it covered the bottom. 

Then I took a different acryillic color and squirted it in the bottle. (Yellow got Canary Yellow by Apple Barrel---Red got Folk Art Napthol Crimson----Blue was pool blue by Folk Art---Green used Hunter Green by Apple Barrel and Purple consisted of plain purple by craft smart).  I squirted some of this on top of the metallic pearl, closed up the bottle and shook it up.

Then I read online that someone added ModPodge to theirs for the archival quality. I did not see how that could hurt even using the things that I used so I added a bit to each bottle and shook it once again.

Time for the test!!!!!!

Nice....I am pleased.