02 July 2011

My nook color

 Rooting my nook color was not a difficult thing.  There was a moment when I think that my heart stopped because I finished the rooting process and the thing would not come on.  Patience my friend, about 4 minutes later the little droid dude pops up and I have my very own rooted nook. 

I have lived with it for about a month now...my opinion on it??? Well, I agree with those that told me that it would be one of the greatest things ever.  I now run Honeycomb and have a full fledged Android tablet.  I can use my Kindle, Nook, Laputa, Amazon app store, Words with friends and the all important ANDROID market!!!!  I recently installed the library's overdrive console so now I am able to use even more books.  My reading has increased too.  I was sick and tired of reading books under the cover with a flashlight by my cheek.  Now I simply pull the covers over my head and read until my battery dies. 

Battery life?  The battery life is not as long as it would be had I kept it a Nook Color.  Mainly because I am using more apps, more internet, and well, just more.  If you have more, you use more.

Touchscreen?  Sometimes it is glitchy but it is not a big deal.  I believe it is more the ADW launcher than the tablet itself that is glitchy.

The specs?  I am running Androd 2.3.3  Cyanogen Mod with the Iron Man theme background. It is actually the Iron man Droid.  The rest is just mumbo jumbo that you probably don't care about.

The result? Happiness...it performs in the exact manner that I dreamed it would.  I have a full fledged Android tablet that cost me 194.00  PERFECTION!