16 July 2011

My very own blending tool

I love Tim Holtz...love love love, but have to decide do I want the inks or the tools?  Duh, it's the inks.  However, I need the tools too.  I had to try and make the tools so that I can have more inks.

Today I have watched many you tube videos on making your own and thought about how I could do this.  I went to  Michael's to peruse the aisles to see how I could achieve this.

I found blocks for .99.   I was going to try and make mine multi sided.  Why?  Because my space is limited and I need space savers. I felt like I could get 4 different ink colors on each cube.  We shall see.

The cube before anything is done to it. 

I took foam taped and attached to all the areas that I will use for my stamping surface.

Next I attached velcro to the foam tape. I decided to glue it even though it had adhesive because I want to make sure that it lasts.

I cut felt to fit each side and BAM!!!  I have my very own version of the Tim Hotlz blending tool.
Because I don't intend on removing the felt for a long time, I labeled the cube with the stamp colors.  I like this idea...Keeps my pads pure.

Update November 27, 2011:

I found a way to may the ink blending tool (instead of the alcohol ink tool) and it has served me well.   I actually use it every time I scrapbook and it has saved me a ton of money from buying the tools sold in the stores.  I have 4 inks on each tool so it is also a space saver.