15 July 2011

Paper flower (this one is messy)

This flower was not my creation.  Someone taught me how to do it.  Instructions are my own because I don't measure, I just free cut.

I start with drawing generic flower shapes onto the paper that I am going to use.  Then I cut them out.  As you can see, when I cut I usually take free reign and cut outside my lines or simply redo the whole thing.  That is why usually I just free cut. You will need flower shapes in varying sizes.  I used 3, large, medium and small.

Cut the middle out of the flower shapes.....and spritz with water.

While wet, curl the edges.

Cut out a heart, and a half of a heart, these will make up the center.

Ink your center if desired.  I ink everything!!!!!!!
 Ink all the edges of the layers and stack on top of each other.  Largest to smallest with the curved sides pointing down.

Roll the heart shape to resemble the center of a rose and put the 1/2 heart shape with it and roll it.  You may have to play with this to get it like you want it and don't be afraid to spritz as needed.  Set aside for a few minutes.

 Pick up your layers of flowers and insert the rolled middle that you made and place into the center of your layers.  If the paper is still wet, this is a great time to move it about in the shape that you desire.