05 August 2011

August Apps

My list of favorites for the month of August.

1. TweetDeck--I have fallen deep in love with this app I said I would "never" use and made MANY scrapbook contacts on here

2. Vignette Demo photo- Not as good as the iphone istagram, but will work in a pinch.

3. My Data Usage---I love this little thingy.

4. My fitness pal---I can keep up with my meals and see how many calories things have. Thanks James Humphrey's for this one.

5. 50's and 60's tv theme songs---perfect for someone like myself that LOVES tv theme song. I can sing every one of them

6. Amazon Kindle---yep, read everyday, "I cannot live without books" (Thomas Jefferson)

7. Gowalla--way better than facebook check in

8. HBO to go---MOVIES on my phone!!!!

9. My Book Droid---an on my phone way to keep up with the books I own and read. I am still trying to put in the database that I created. This will be so much better and portable for me.

10. Travelocity---a great way to keep up with cruise prices

Thanks for reading