14 August 2011

CKC in Nashville Tn

I have looked forward to going back to CKC since Sept 11, 2010.  It was canceled last year due to the flooding, but back this year better than ever.  I decided after last time that I wanted MORE classes.  This year, I took 9.  Well, I took 6 there and brought home the class kits for 3 more (I had arrived late due to work).  I would like to share some of the items that I have been working on.

These photos are from only 5 of the 9 class kits.  I am still working on the others.  You don't get to finish the projects in class (except the layout one).  There is a flip side, I can come home and add paint and TONS of ink, which is exactly what I did. 

I did NONE of the design layouts for these.