02 August 2011

I am

What defines you? Have you ever thought about this at all?  Are you defined by something you have done or something that you do?  You might want to think about this...you are living your legacy.  Do you want to be known as a lazy bum who cared only for yourself, or do you want people to say that you had a servant heart and cared and did things for others and not themselves? 

I have been thinking of this a lot.  I have tried through both my job and other ways to be a giver. A person who gives time and talent to the good of others. Yes, I scrapbook every chance I get, that is for my family.  The works are for the people in my life.

In my scrapbooking I am trying to convey memories just in case I ever end up like my grandmother and have no memories.  In case, something were to happen.  And I will be honest, I try to do it in a style that will get me noticed.  That is the legacy I can leave, to help or give tips to other people so they can/will make their life memories.

Not all of my pages are ones that I would share with people, some simply are not that good.  Some are for the family only.  A message to my children, a note about myself, a letter to my spouse, or a very private memory that I do not want to forget.  Others are those that will be in the family albums that ANYONE can see.  It is very important to do all types of memories.  We are only here for a short time...leave those memories!!!!

Make a layout of things you like, things you have done, things you want to do.  Make a prayer journal, a books read journal, a favorite quotes journal.  There is no right or wrong way....as long as you record it!!!