25 August 2011

I can't fight this craving any longer

Let me tell you a story. A story of a lady that pulled into a McDonald's on Music Valley Drive in Nashville, TN on August 6, 2011.  She was starving to death and had just made some $$$$ working for a scrapbook vendor.  She ordered a double cheeseburger, fries, coke and a ROLO McFlurry.  She had to devour the McFlurry quickly because she was driving and did not want to spill any on her lap.  It was YUMMY!!! So YUMMY she wished that she had ordered a large ROLO McFlurry. 

She told her husband about the McFlurry and told him of her desire to have another one.  A week or so went by and she was still thinking of that McFlurry.  One day she was going to be driving by McDonald's during lunch time.  She pulled into the drive through...ordered her #6 with a coke and a small ROLO McFlurry.  She was given a total and she pulled to the window.

Upon her arrival the girl (with lovely nails) leaned out and said "Honey, the ice cream machine is broken."  REALLY????   Feeling sad and extremely disappointed she ate her burger while longing for that ROLO McFlurry. 

A week or so later her hubbie went to McDonald's after football practice.  His mission to feed his son and bring the wifey a McFlurry.  He called a few minutes later, the line was out onto the street, there was NO way she was getting that ROLO on  that night. 

Days went by and the sweet husband decided to give it one more shot.  He pulled through the drive through line, ordered and was told "the credit card machine is broken."  He doesn't carry cash.  What is this a conspiracy?  Was the lovely lady ever going to have the ROLO McFlurry?  Would she be forever to just dream of the taste of the caramel and little chocolate candy pieces?  Would she forever be angry with the Lone Oak Road McDonald's for ruining her McFlurry experience?

No, that lovely little hubbie would leave the McDonald's parking lot and go to the ATM, here he was reunited with greenbacks and the wife was very happy that the second ROLO McFlurry was just as good as the first one! 

Thank you to McDonald's, John Champion and Abe Lincoln (ATM).