17 August 2011

Slow down, you're moving way to fast...

I remember as a child I would think things like "when I grow up" and "I am going to do ______ when I am grown". These are statements that ALL of us made as children.

It happened, we did grow up. Many of us now have children. Those precious little babies that screamed all night long with colic. Those little babies that used to think we rocked the world. Those little babies that would desire nothing but for us to feed, hold and love one them.

They too are growing up. They now sleep through the night (thank goodness) and sleep like rocks. As a matter of a fact, they are old enough now to put themselves to bed!!! Those little babies have now seen some of the world and realize "yeah my parents aren't as cool as they used to be" or "my parents are stupid". And don't even think about hugging or kissing them where ANYONE might see them. That would be the worst thing you could do.

Time "fixes" everything. I look at my children and things they say are the SAME things that I said and I am certain that my parents probably said the same thing when they were young. My children are 14 and 9. Not too old no, but they are growing up so fast.

I was thinking the other day about our little two bedroom apartment with that long hallway in Little Rock, Arkansas. Hannah walked down that hallway as a very tiny child. She logged about one million jumps on the Johnny Jumper in that hallway. She would squeal with delight when I would say "tomorrow I am taking you to the library". That was almost 14 years ago.

With Trevor, I remember him being so sick as an infant. So sick we weren't sure he would ever come home. Then he did and he screamed all the time. All the time! Did I mention ALL THE TIME? One of his first words was "ball" and those massively long blonde curls that he had.

The sweet times are gone. Now, she is a teenager, who hates that I am even typing these words. He is a boy that can just go outside for ten minutes and come in smelling like he hasn't had a bath in two weeks.

They no longer need me to pick out their clothes, make all their meals, to entertain them. But kids, listen up. You are not done with me! Who do you want when your tooth hurts? When you are throwing up? When you want to play catch? When you need new pants, purses, shoes? When you need MONEY???? That's right your mom and dad.

It's a cycle that hasn't ended...parents have kids, kids grow up, kids become parents....round and round it goes.