26 August 2011

Stacy Renee Isbell "Squirt" Robinson

Is a girl I have known since I was very very very young. Our parents introduced us to each other. She had hair that was so long, black and silky and I was jealous about that! She had a massive collection of teddy bears and a pool table (very fun) and my favorite part of her house was this little spiral staircase (I don't even remember if I even knew where it went---I never climbed it, but I did sit on it). She had some teen idol stuff in her room and a day bed in the corner.

Her mom was precious, but I really don't remember her dad too much (I think he was at work when I visited).

We rode the bus together for 8 years. We were friends but not close friends...then we went to high school. I think we might have rode the bus together then, but I have blocked out all high school bus riding experiences! We did start hanging out more and more. When she got her license we began making a figure 8 around the little town of Mayfield. We would sing songs, chase boys, and continue making that circle. When I got my license we would take turns cruising in her very cool car (a red barretta?) and my lovely long stylish wood paneled station wagon (HEY). We were hip, young and cool. AND LOUD! Wait, maybe that was me!

She graduated high school and went to Murray and left me. We both fell in love and married, she moved away, I moved away. Sad sad sad, but all these years later, we are still friends. I still think of her. Like today (August 27), the anniversary of her birth. Friend, may your day be full of happiness!

Happy 40th!!!!!!!