09 September 2011

I remember you

I was delivering breakfast to some toddlers in the 1 year old room.  My cell phone rang. It was my husband. I said "I only have a second, I have to feed these kids".  He said "something bad is happening. The World Trade Center was just bombed."  I got someone on the breakfast and ran to the tv.  No one really knew what was happening. We turned on the radio and still no one was sure what was going on. 

Feelings of what the heck is going on?  Feelings of "I can't believe this", and feelings of terror flowed through everyone. Then it happened....... we saw a PLANE fly into the second tower.  What in the world?  Is that really what happened?  Yes it was.

Rumors began to fly, we were in the middle of an attack.  An attack on everything we knew.  I was 7 weeks pregnant and scared to death.  I grabbed my 4 year old child from her classroom and kept her with me while I tried to help keep the children calm all the while feeling that life as I know it was ending.  Workers had to leave to get their own children, parents began flocking to be with their children.  There were tears, prayers...and then a third plane hit the Pentagon.  And a forth crashes into a field.  A NIGHTMARE descended on our great nation! 

Panic begin to take hold in Paducah, KY (not that it wasn't inside all the time), there were rumors they were coming for us (with all the uranium and TVA).  There were rumors about so many things.  Most of it fueled by our general terror and disbelief.

My how life can change in a span of 90 minutes.  NINETY MINUTES!  90 minutes that changed the life of every single American alive at that time, regardless of their age.  You may have known someone, you may have begun to look over your shoulder, you may have been scared to fly, you may have been scared of anything or anyone with different ideals than you...someway YOU were affected. 

In the hours and subsequent days that followed we saw miracle upon miracle. Heroes were born over and over again. Our leaders stood together without party distinctions. We heard tales of survivors. We banded with our fellow citizens to assist those in need.  We gathered in churches and homes to pray for the lost, the survivors, the loss of life and prayed for America.  We all sported our RED, WHITE and BLUE.  There were flags everywhere, praises of "God Bless America" graced our lips, and American united  to rebuild our country. 

It's so hard to comprehend that less than 20 people that morning changed ALL of our lives.  We all have our stories.  Some are stories that will send chills down your spine, some of us were there, some of us had relatives there.  Some of us lost loved ones.  Some of us had our lives destroyed by the events. The scenarios go on and on.

In the next few days we will hear many of these stories.  Let us once again bond together for our citizens.

We are America!  We are strong!  We are powerful!  We are unbeatable!  We are the United States of America!!!!!!

God Bless the USA!!!!!