18 September 2011

Tickle me PINK!!!!

Pink is not one of my top 3 favorite colors, but it is exciting.  It can be pale and drab, or bold and fierceful.  It can be pastel and calming or scream at you "HEY NOTICE ME!"   Yes, there are many personas to the color pink. I actually think pink has tons of personalities, probably more than any other color because pink can be ANYTHING.  Add a little black for some classy, add some brown for some down at home, add some ornage for some sassy, add some blue for some relaxation.  Yes pink is the "IT" color. 

This week's color challenge was fun because I have actually been working on a pink and black card. 
This week's challenge made me finish it, but also because it was such a good color combo I added one more card and an album that I think turned out FABULOUS!!

It is again along the lines of THINK PINK from the movie "Funny Face" because I cannot get enough of that movie for one thing.  For two things I cannot stop singing the soundtrack in my head (or playing it in my car), and for three think it makes me happy. 

My pinwheel BE YOURSELF card
I am going to start with showing you  the card I was inspired to finish.   I made the first layer of this pinwheel in a class at CKC and made the second layer when I got home.  I stopped there.  When this challenge popped up I decided it was perfect...I just needed to do something with it.  Of course a card was the perfect choice....it's unique and people are unique so I made a self esteem card.
Going through my scrap bin I saw that I had this great peice of matboard in black.  I decided to make a THINK PINK album.  The cover features an "Audrey" like person with her balloons on the street of Paris.  Wearing pink everything including her hair.  Inside is a perfect place to document her (or your) travels to Paris or another fun destination (somthing PINK would be UBBER exciting).

Close up of my hand painted French lady

Album cover BEFORE
Finished Album cover

the above pages are in the album

The bottom three photos are of a tiny little card that you could give to anyone you love.  I made a little cut out so I could put flowers all over the front and it would still close...also it left a flower on the inside of the card too. 

I love you card