20 October 2011

You expect me to put my clothes in there????

Generally, I think that cruise ships are BRILLIANT in taking an space/corner/nook and creating a storage place. You may see a shelf with a large angle on it but it will be perfect to hold your snorkeling gear.  You may find a drawer in a place you never thought could hold anything, but it ends up being the exact fit for your makeup bag.  As with any hotel you will have a  closet and maybe 2 if you are lucky.  We generally end up with 2 (YAY!!!).  This last cruise on board the Carnival Dream was no exception, but I did have a HUGE problem with one of them.

A closet has a bar that goes from left to right and you use this bar to hold your hangers, correct?  I have seen many closets in my life and only ONCE did I see one that did NOT fit this description.

Here is a photo of a typical cruise ship cabin closet.....you will notice it is exactly like your home closet only smaller.  

Now for the closet I mentioned.  This closet features a "stacked" design.  This design yields a frustrated woman because you cannot access your clothing in the manner you are used to.  Hence the woman, "gifting" this funky closet to the men folk in her life. Hey she that unpacks the clothes gets to choose where the clothes go.  That is the law!.

I imagine this closet would not have been such a bother to me had it been wider and not contained the life vests.  I did manage to shove the life vests on the shelf, but then we lost that space for shoe storage.