27 November 2011

I adore a pink scraf, especially when I make it!

So I had this great pink t shirt.  Fit great, great color, was WELL made and in typical Michelle fashion I washed it......WITH AN INK PEN!!!  

Yes the lovely shirt had ink on the back of it.  For a while I wore it under a shirt because the front was fine.  Until that one day when I was sweating and I needed to take off the over shirt.  I decided then and there that wearing it under something just was NOT going to work.  Next step?  To repurpose it.  I thought about it for a couple of weeks.  What did I want to do?  How did I want to do it?  etc...I decided that a scarf would best serve me. I wear scarves all the time (I am sort of like a Cullen in that fashion) and the pink color would be perfect to wear with a black or brown t shirt.

I first made the shirt as flat as I could on the table and then cut off the hem.  The next step was to cut the mid section just under the armpit area.  That left me a tube and from this tube I just 1/2 (ish I don't measure) strips.

When I cut strips out of the entire tube I put all the strips together and pulled as hard as I could to stretch out the strips.   The t shirt had two side seams so I would have to deal with them.  On one seam I made a band out of the t shirt remnants.  I tied the strip around the seam, wrapped it and then tied again.  I tried to hide my tying inside the bulk of the strips. 

On the other side, I put a flower that I made from the sleeves.  I did not come up with this design, this lady did.....it is brilliant!!!    http://gonetoearth.typepad.com/gonetoearth/2009/03/tutorial-fabric-flower-brooch.html

In the end, all that was left was this pile of scraps. I do intend to make a couple of flowers out of this stuff. 

In the end, I had very few scraps left, I made a bracelet, a flower and had 4 square left that I intend to stamp on and place on a scrapbook page.