27 November 2011

The middle hub on deck 3

For this challenge, I decided to reflect on the interior of the ship and how it made me happy.  There was not really any steampunk elements in the atrium,  but something about it made me think of it.  I had envisioned doing a steampunk inspired page on this atrium from the get go.  Here I have pictured the atrium and tried very hard to give a glimpse of the height in the middle of this glorious ship.  Also, I have pictured the girl singer.  She was fantastic.  The top picture is the first night I saw her and the bottom is the day that while I was standing on the floor above her, I heard her say "requests". I said Tina Turner (because I could not get Proud Mary out of my head) and she was singing one of the three Tina songs that she sang. She kept looking up at me and winking.  Of course I was there EVERY day and she knew that. 

This layout was inspired by the Gingersnaps Creations challenge.  Oh what fun they are, check them out.