30 December 2011

Anna Mae Bullock

at 72 years of age

Today I was thinking about Tina Turner.  Here is a woman who is not beautiful, not the greatest singer, not the best dance, but man is she amazing!

What can't that woman  do?  And too boot she has fantastic legs that look great in a high heel.  She has attempted many things and accomplished most of them....and came out smiling.  I think her biggest accomplishment was walking away from Ike Turner.  That man made her who she was, he guided her, but she said enough is enough and left his abuses behind.  What a gamble...could she make it on her own?  Would she even get to keep her name? Yes, the courts allowed her to keep her stage name and she proved that SHE was probably more talented than Ike and she COULD make it on her own and even be more successful.

I guess that is why she fascinates me....she proved that a girl can do ANYTHING...With a little talent, and a LOT of guts!!!!!