17 December 2011

I wish I may...I wish I might

Goodness me Tim, I did not have many of the items you featured on this last tag.  I had to improvise in a MASSIVE way.

Starting out, I don't have a sizzix so every single sizzix detail had to be hand drawn and then cut out by me.  This adorable little house was no exception.  I added some gold to mine because I knew that I wanted GOLD this time instead of a silver look.

I also did not (nor have I ever seen in stores) the tissue paper. I made my own.  I took regular gift wrapping tissue, stamped it with Stazon and then inked some of it (not all because this was difficult).  So all my tissue elements were done by me as well.

I did not (nor will I ever) have the baby thingy.  Sorry, but she sort of freaks me out.  It's like Christopher Walken or Ray Liotta, and I just could not have that baby on my tag.  I used a cool Santa that I have been hanging onto.  Yeah, I lost the dimensional aspect, but it features gold and that is the look I wanted.

Mine is pretty much totally different than Tim's but that is the idea to be inspired by his work, and that works every time.

Merry Christmas fellow Tim Holtz's fans!!!

Bonus tag created with leftovers!