10 January 2012

Dancing in the streets

David Bowie has been around for a long, long, long time.  He has evolved dramatically in his music/characters over the years.  But today I think, he used to be this ugly dude from England with bad teeth.  He met a lovely, lovely woman and suddenly he became kind of attractive.  What is up with that?  Plastic surgery?  Highlights? New wardrobe?  For sure some new teeth!!!

I want to take you on a peek at his life over the years.....
Ziggy Stardust (I would wear those shoes!!)

With the great Bing Crosby and showing off his vocal talents

Mick and David (this video is where I first really became aware of Mr. Bowie)
Enters the hot woman, okay not so hot here, but I love her in this movie.

Enters the hot woman for real

enter some new fangs

enters a baby

what emerges is a nice looking, well dress, OLD DUDE!!!

Old dude or not, I still adore him, and by the way, his wife is simply breathtaking!!!

very lovely lady
MMMM, just proves a beautiful woman can do anything!