29 January 2012

iPhone 4s

I have had my iPhone now for two months. I have learned a lot about this closed platform device. There are things I really miss about an android os, but I think I am majorly in love with this iPhone. That says a lot coming from someone who vowed not to get one.

Things I love:

1. Instagram. I knew I would love it. It's the first thing I downloaded from the app store. wonderful app.

2. Pinterest. Another app android lacked. I am very glad to have it. A great time waster. Actually I have found many things on here that I made and cooked.

3. Words with friends. I had on android but with honeycomb update I lost it. I enjoy it more on iPhone the way it's managed.

4. iMessage. I can't tell you how much money this saves me. I love iMessage!!!

5. Siri. She loves me and will do almost anything I tell her. She's brilliant and very handy.

6. Infinite campus. I can keep up with my kids. It notifies me when a grade is posted. I can see when assignments are due. I can see if the assignments were turned in on time. Perfect app.

7. Hoot suite. Way better than tweet deck. It does my posting to facebook and twitter at the same time.

8. My fitness pal and Humana fit. I can keep up with exercises and food consumed easily.

9. Voice search. Speech to text. Way more accurate with my country accent than android was.

10. YahtZy and dice with friends. I love both games very much. One I play with my friends. One I play alone.

11. Not having to sync with google anymore. Even though that was mainly when I had Microsoft office with my old job. After I lost that it want such a big deal anymore.

12. AirPrint. Wow!!!

13. All the accessories. iPhone is wonderful with this. Lens, gadgets, Very nice!!!

14. More apps!!!

15. Easier to type than stock android. Not as good as swype.

16. Much faster. More responsive.

17. Screenshots. I love love love being able to do this.

Things I don't like:

1. The absence of widgets.

2. The lack of live wall papers.

3. The lack of flash player.

4. I miss task launcher. Still have it on my tablet that runs ice cream sandwich.

5. Windows media player. I will never be a fan of iTunes but I have learn how to change file names so I can make custom ringtones.

6. Screen size. I like a big phone.

7. I cant make ringtones on my phone anymore. I miss androids ability to do that.

8. I miss being able to let my husband watch sports.

9. Swype!!!!