15 January 2012

The RMS Titanic

This is story that has been told many times. It is one that you will probably hear about a lot again this year.  April 15, 2012 marks the 100th anniversary of the Titanic.  711 people were saved and over 1500 perished in this massive sea disaster. It is a story worth repeating

Captain EJ Smith
The what-ifs have been told over and over.  The story has been glorified in a fantastic movie, but all in all many people died because of mistakes. Mistakes that can never been corrected.  100 years later then Titanic still stands out as a marvel of a ship, and a very sad sailing. 

The Titanic started my love of big cruise ship liners. I remember the first time that I read “A Night to Remember”.  I was mesmerized by the story, taken aback by the loss of life, and wishing I could find the wreckage.  I remember September 1, 1985 well.  Tom Brokaw announced on the news that Dr. Bob Ballard found the ship.  And then new details of that fateful night April 15, 1912 began to emerge.  The stern and bow were in separate pieces and facing away from each other,  there was a large debris field lying on the bottom of the ocean and then got some insight on exactly why the ship sank. 

If you are not a Titanic person, you may get tired of news. I expect there will be many events commemorating the ship.  I know there will be a celebration in Belfast, the Titanic movie will be re-released, and some ship are sailing the course taken and the course that should have been sailed.  If you can check out one of the Titanic museums they are a wealth of knowledge, and very interesting.

I have made this layout for the 100 anniversary.  I am sure this is just my first of many.  This one is pretty logo intensive because these are logos that are important to me.