19 February 2012

February Apps

1.  Words with Friends-I must say I love this app! Ok, I am addicted to this app.

2.  Pinterest-so easy to use...I only wish I could pin things on websites I visit as I can on the computer.

3. Scramble with Friends-Again another great app...look me up ChampionAMC

4.  NBC-I love being able to watch my fave NBC shows on the go....Law and Order SUV and Smash!

5.  PrimaBooth-What a great little photo editing, layout app. I love everything Prima does.

6.  Overdrive-library books on my phone and tablet, yes please

7.  Travelocity-a perfect way for me to search for cruises.

8.  Blogger-a great way to write blogs on the go.

9.  Gasbuddy-when gas is approaching $4 a gallon, I need this to find the cheapest.

10. Infinite Campus-the perfect way to keep up with your kids grades, especially since they never bring papers home. 

11.  Goodreads-I can mark my page while on the go, read reviews, and look for books.