15 February 2012

Hey how did that bridge get there?

This could have been one of the worst bridge accidents ever. How lucky was our region that it was not.

If you don't know the story....this giant ship was traveling down the Tenneessee river on January 26, 2012 when the ship struck the bridge. The next thing we knew was two sections of the bridge fell onto the bow of the vessel. There the decking of our Eggners Ferry bridge lay while the Kentucky Dept of Transportation did their investigation. The Delta Mariner is a vessel that carries parts for NASA and has navigated this river successfully many times over the course of ten years

What went wrong? That is still under debate. Speculations are strong to the locals....were the lights on the bridge working ( work was scheduled to begin the next morning to replace broken lights)? Was the water too high for the vessel this time? Did the ship try to travel under the wrong span? Was the captain under the influence of drugs, alcohol or even lack of sleep?

Time is going to tell. In the meantime check out these photos all of which were obtained from the Internet. Even though the wreckage is near my home I have stayed away.