14 February 2012

Laundry fairy, where for art thou?

I thought that in the future we were going to have robots to do our laundry!  Wasn't that what was promised to us? 

My life this morning:

6:32am (we leave the house at 6:45)

son: mom, I don't have any underwear.
mom:  what do you mean you have no underwear, I just did laundry on Sunday.
son:  well I don't
mom:  did you look on your dresser? (because no one put clothes away anymore)
son:  there is not any underwear there. 

Ladies and gentlemen this is the story of my life.  The never ending laundry pile story.  I wash clothes almost every day, and somehow, somehow it keeps multiplying and I can't keep up.
 There is a girl at work, and I adore her in most ways, but there is one in which I am very envious.  She said "I only do laundry on Sundays". 

WHAT??? Did I hear you correctly?  Just Sundays?  How on Earth do they do it?  I believe that if I waited until Sunday that would be all I did the entire day.  I washed 2 loads all ready today (and these are full loads people). 
My reality:

My dream: Yes in my dream the laundry is folded and put in ROYGBIV.

Oh, and the underwear?  I found ONE pair on his bed.  I just hope they were clean.  What I can't figure out is how can we go on a week long cruise and I don't have to do laundry even once and everyone has clean undies, but back in Western KY, we run out after two days?  What do we change underwear 4 times a day?  Are the undies hidden in the back of a drawer or folded up in the fitted sheet (this has happened to me)? I guess if I could solve this, I could solve all the world's problems...in the meantime bring on the Purex!!!!