20 February 2012

Missed art

Mirabella designs

my first Renoir, I started it, took out the stitching and started again.  This is the finished product.  Won first place in both the Arkansas State Fair and the McCracken County Fair

Welcome sign
My first pullwork
A sweet little house in Eureka Springs, AR

My first cross stitch in a wreath. 1993
I took a photo of my children and then cross stitched it.  This took me over a year!

Another sweet home in Eureka Springs, AR

My bee good sampler
For many years, I have been what you might say as an expert cross stitch person.  Once I even worked for a designed doing her mock up designs for the cover art of the packaging.  Back in 2010, I realized my hands simply cannot take the stress of holding the hoop anymore.  They ache and ache from the pressure.  One day, I am going to buy a loom that I can stitch at in my seat, but in the meantime I am going to think back to the days when I was a mad stitching machine.

Blackwork checker board I made for Hannah.  This is my own design.

Anne Bolyen my favorite wife of Henry VIII, my plan was to buy Henry after I finished this one, but the pattern company went out of business so I never got my Henry.  Alas, Anne hangs alone.

A Renoir, I did this one for a leaflet cover.  She was very hard to do, tons of mixed needles. 

blackwork sampler, 100% my design

My first beadwork

My mother-in-law brought this to me from London
Families Ties sampler, the first sampler I ever searched and searched the internet for. 

My second piece ever, and the first where I changed almost ever single thread color and thread types.  This one features a lot of the DMC flower thread.  She is soooo me!

Really 2 pictures, but I put them together into one.  Pinky and Blue Boy

I love a good Gibson girl advertising coke.

my first blackwork sampler

Blackwork lady, I love her.  Wish I had designed her
St Peter's in Russia, this was so fun to do. I painted the Aida cloth with clouds first then stitched ontop.  It is full of silver threads that shine on the wall.  Beautiful.  One of my favorites.