11 February 2012

Philippa Carr-Daughters of England book series

Have you ever read a book that changed your life?  I can recall the exact year that it happened to me and the exact book that did it.

Flash backwards to 1989...Picture a high school student with long hair, tease to massive heights.  She is wearing a maroon trench coat and boots.  Her clothes usually consist of a Def Leppard or Bon Jovi shirt and pants (she never wears jeans).  She is too cool to read because, well, she is just too cool.

One day, she goes to her mom's friends house.  Her mom and her friend are talking and she is not really paying attention.  She is a bit bored!  There is a book on the floor entitled "The Adulteress".  Doesn't really sound like something she would do, either by the title or the fact that it was a book.  She picks up the book and begins to read.  Zipporah is the heroine of the book.  A good Bible name, she reads on.  Zipporah turns out to not be what she portrays herself to be (you knew that didn't you?).  Her cousin Dickon is on to her, he causes a terrible accident where her husband is terribly injured and he is a blackmailer.

Yes, this did it, she was hooked. She read this book in a couple of hours (God has blessed her with the ability to read swiftly and retain lots).  Then she had to know more. There was family tree and she realized this must be a SERIES! 

When she got back to Mayfield, KY she went to the library and realized yes indeed it was a series.  A series that began with a girl named Damask in the reign of Henry VIII and ended after WWII.  It followed a whole family of women that kept diaries of their life.  The lives they led were boring for some, but most had adventures that were well...built of a historical romance novel.

This girl began collecting the books in 1990 and currently has every one.  Many she has had to replace because she reads them over and over and over.  She wishes they would put them on digital because she would LOVE to have them on her nook or kindle. 

Her favorite is the story of Carlotta Main, a woman with violet eyes and TONS of problems.  A rich heiress that seemed to have no conscience. The book is appropriately named Song of the Siren.

If you have the time read the series.  Start with the Miracle at St Bruno's and go from there. 

Here is a website that lists all the books and a little bit about each one. 

This is the series that made one girl a reader and for that she is grateful because this girls currently reads tons of books because of one woman named Philippa Carr.

Here is a photo of my Philippa Carr/Jean Plaidy (same author) book shelf.  My Twilight books are also on here because they too are special to me.  This is my favorite bookshelf in my house.