26 February 2012

Trace Creek Crop Gratitudes

A day that I look forward to every year. I get therapy for my mind and a beautiful message for my soul.

This crop is organized perfectly. Jill Rogers who is in charge said God made her for this. And she is so right. God has blessed us in so many ways by giving her the means and know how to control all of us crazy scrappy ladies. On top of that He always puts in her heart the exact words that I need to hear. It's always like the message is directed to me and me only. Someone at the crop said the same thing yesterday so I know that God puts just the right topic in Jill. I am do grateful for this.

I am also grateful to those that donate their time and talents in preparing the foods and making sure I have enough to eat. It is wonderful to share the day with so many good cooks and those who forgo scrapping to ensure I put on a few pounds. I am grateful to you all.

I am happy that the Goughs's devote their time to check us in and make sure we sign up for prizes. For them giving me a kind word every time I pass their table and always smiling. They also make our lovely name tags! I am grateful to them.

There's Cassie Johnson who was willing and able to stay up late to sign me up for the crop. Without her none of it would have been possible. Bless Cassie for taking care of me. She even sit next to me all day. That is love. For her I am grateful.

For the people who sit up the tables, for the church who allows us to invade their space and use their lovely sanctuary. I am grateful for you.

Then there's the ladies who put items in the yard sale. Without you I would never be able to afford all those stampin up stamps I have bought over the years. I am so grateful you girls want to purge your stash. That you let things go for such wonderful prices. I look forward to the yard sale and I am grateful for it.

To the vendors that encourage me to spend money and run me up a tab. I love that you are there and that you are kind and patient with me. I am grateful for you.

Yes I am even grateful for my fellow scrapper. I have never met one I didn't like. This year we met two more lovely ladies who were very talented. I am grateful for them sharing my table.

And my mom. I finally got her to go to an event with me. I had a lovely day with her. We ate, worked and talked. Oh yeah we shopped too. I am grateful to her for spending her day with me.

I can think of nothing at the TCC that is not super. Bless you and hope to see you in the fall.