17 February 2012

What kind of influence do you have?

I am sure in the eyes of my teenage daughter, I have no influence on her decisions.  I can only hope that I have instilled or modeled the proper path for her. 

I won't get into soul searching today, today I want to talk about scheduling. Hannah is deep in excitement over choosing next year's classes.  I have tried to use what little influence I have to convince her to try something exciting that maybe could be a new hobby for her.

This is a girl who loves animals, loves to dream that she has animals.  This kid looks up animals on the internet and says "I wish I had one".  I am trying to use what little influence I have to get her to take animal science.

To study animals would be divine...and it made me think of a Bible verse that I once studied as a child....

Proverbs 12:10       A good man takes care of his animals, but wicked men are cruel to theirs.

Hannah if you are reading this, consider animal science. I can so see you tending to those adorable creatures.

I am sure I have no influence over her classes, and frankly as long as her grades are good, I shall be happy with whatever she takes.