23 March 2012

March Apps

This month I had found a variety of new apps, but the old continue to be some of my favorites.

1.  Words with Friends-still playing, still loving it
2.  Crosswords-a simple little puzzle game where I can play many different crosswords. :)
3.  NBC-a wonderful little app where I can watch my NBC shows
4.  TBS-another tv viewing app....only on this one you can watch Seinfeld!
5.  Goodreads-still a great place to keep up with your 2012 book read challenge.
6.  MapQuest-finally I found a turn by turn navigation app for the iphone.  One thing I missed coming from an Android phone. 
7.  Scramble with friends-a wonderful little word search app.  You are timed and have to come up with more words than you opponent.  I LOVE this app.
8.  Pinterest-need an idea?  Here it is.  When I starting using this there were NONE of my friends using it, now they all are.  It is fun to see the things they like, the things I like and finding new things to make.

9.  Dice Free-a fun app where my friend Joan and I can play yahtzee together, EVERYDAY.